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 We understand the pain:​​
  • After a long day at work, you should not be to opening 5 different apps to take care of everything when you arrive at home. We integrate everything into a single interface. After that our home automation schemes will take care of most of the things, so you might not even need to use that anyways!

  • Since the smart home market is growing and different manufacturers are competing over market shares, many of the products in the market are not reliable, easy to use and especially not compatible with each other.

  • We have tested most of the smart devices and IoT capable things out there, and we have short-listed those that are perfect for BC buildings. We have also incorporated programs to connect different platforms and minimize compatibility issues.

  • Initial programming can be challenging and having examples will always help. Our automation will be that first step and we will teach you how to modify and customize everything.

 We want to share the joy:​​
  • We put a lot of effort into integrating in our home automation systems, as many available devices in the market as possible; therefore we are able to support an immense number of smart home appliances from various manufacturers.

  • We teach you how to change the program whenever and however you want to (We will show you how to easily modify it).

  • Integrate your home with your smartwatch and other wearables and control everything from your wrist

  • Take advantage of the smart home technology with all the bells and whistles, without any wiring.

  • Looking for something smart that is not out there? No worries; we will do the research and design custom solutions for you, so that we can make it happen together.